Solanum hispidum

Also known as: Giant Devil's Fig
Family: Solanaceae Photo © TBA
A single specimen of the Giant Devil's Fig Solanum hispidum has been found near the first crossing on Upper Wilsons Creek Road. It is a shrub or small tree, up to 4 m high, growing like the closely related Tobacco Weed, but with larger lobed leaves and nasty-looking thorns on its stems and leaves. The flowers and fruit are also similar to Tobacco Weed, though the petals are white. It is known from the Nimbin area, Tuntable Creek (where it is spreading through bird dispersal into the Nightcap National Park), Terania Creek and Rosebank. In south east Queensland it is declared noxious.

The plant has been destroyed, and hopefully, if everyone is watchful, we may be able to prevent this species becoming established in our valleys.

Methods of eradication